Slip Reduced Plywood


AUSWOOD Slip Reduced Plywood is endorsed by NATA accredited labratory

With a special slip-reduced surface on one or both sides and a phenomenal resin adhesive, our slip-reduced plywood is ideal for all your staging, scaffolding and walkway needs.

New Item
Name Slip Reduced Plywood
Adhesive phenolic formaldehyde A bond
Overlay 60/165 phenolic resin or 0.5mm plastic
Stress Grade F17
Size 2400x1200mm or cut to size
Thickness (nominal) 17mm; 12mm
Standard AS6669
Certificate Benchmark JAS-ANZ
Color  black, brown or customise on plastic overlay
Technical & Certificates

AUSWOOD Plywood Slip-reduced Test Report by NAT accredited laboratory — A plank is restrained against movement, vertically loaded and this load is subjected to a horizontal force to produce slipping. The planks have passed the standard requirements for the Coefficient of Friction Test of AS/NZS 1577:2018 Cl 2.2.5